Management Team


Managing Director

Halimi Ibrahim has wide breadth and deep understanding of business based on his experience in a myriad of industries.

Halimi started as a Security Analyst and later as an Investment Banker before venturing into entrepreneurship in 1995. He has successfully started up various companies in various businesses including Finance (inc. club financing of six LNG Ships for MISC in 2001), Asset Management (establish, marketing and finally managing USD500 mil in assets), he was also the founding broker member of KLOFFE, Property Development (inc. development of commercial complex, and 1500 units of housing) , Coal Concession and Trading , and Development of Oil and Gas opportunities in Indonesia, amongst others. Through these entrepreneurial initiatives, Halimi has established and grown an extensive network of contacts and alliances across a spectrum of business segments.



Graduated with B.Sc. (Civil) from University of Manchester, UKin 1880 and a Master of Engineering from an Asian Institute ofTechnology (Thailand) in 1988. He also a member of various professional bodies, among others:Member, Board of Engineer, Malaysia; Member, The institute of Engineers, Malaysia; Member, The Road of Engineers Association of Malaysia; Member, The Institute of Highways and Transportation.

He has widespread experience in Road Concessions and Constructions. Having worked in Public work Department (JKR) in his earlier years, and private sectorssuch as, United Engineers Malaysia (UEM) and heading his own Engineering Company. He also sits as board members in various companies.


Project Director

He graduated in B.SC in Civil Engineering from AberdeenUniversity Scottand in 1987 and belongs to various professional bodies among others: Board of Engineers, Malaysia; Institute of Engineer, Malaysia; Professional Engineers, Malaysia.

He started his career in Public Works Department (JKR) in 1985, and moved on to private sector in 1993 by joining United Engineers Malaysia ( UEM). He was involved in the North – South Highway Project in various capacities until he left to set up his own consultancy company. He also sits as board member in various companies.

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